Audience is a simple Google Analytics App for the iPhone. It displays only the most meaningful statistics in a beautiful interface with big numbers and joyful colors.

If you want a quick access to the stats you care about, avoid cluttered charts, too many settings or dull interfaces then Audience is the app for you.

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Only the stats that matter

Audience is focused only on the most meaningful stats: two related to visitors and three related to page views. Nothing more, nothing less.

A responsive interface

Audience is built to be lightning fast and very responsive, featuring a simple, clean and beautiful interface.


Audience doesn’t view nor store your Google account credentials: authentication and authorization are managed by Google’s OAuth 2.0 protocol.

Plenty of colors

At every launch and for every site, Audience generates a palette of random and joyful colors for your delight.

Gestures support

Swipe left and right to browse through your profiles. Swipe up and down to browse back and forth through time filters.

Shake to restart

Shake your iPhone to jump to the first profile and to change all background colors.

Almost no settings

We did our best to keep Audience simple and focused by minimizing the number of settings.



For questions about the App, suggestions or support contact us at


What does “week” refer to?

Audience's week is the current week, it doesn't refer to a seven days time span. The week starts according to your iPhone's internationalization settings.

What does "month" refer to?

Audience's moth is the current month, it doesn't refer to a thirty days time span.

What does "year" refer to?

Audience's year is the current year, it doesn't refer to a 356 days time span.

Why do the weekly stats sometimes surpass monthly ones?

It happens only during the first days of the current month. If the current week started the previous month, then your site counts more weekly visitors and page views than during the fist days of the current month.

Why does Audience sometimes display different values from the ones on Google's Analytics website?

Google uses a statiscal technique called sampling to collect data: because sampled values are estimated and adjusted continuously by Google, some differences may occour between the data shown on the website and the one dowloaded by Audience.
The difference is more evident at lower values than at higher ones.


Privacy policy

Please take time to read how Wizamin cares about your data in the Audience privacy policy page.

Press kit

Download the Audience press kit.

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Audience won the “Mobile of the day” award by The FWA
"In this simplicity, lies the beauty of this app."
Beautiful Pixels
"Setting up Google Analytics is quick and painless, as is flipping between different views. It’s simple and fun to use"
"These are the apps that I usually end up using times and times again."
"Kind of refreshing in comparison to all of the other less designed options that are available."
"The perfect app for dudes like me who are allergic to the Excel sheets."
Audience was ranked in the top 10 productivity apps in Germany.


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