Audience's reviews roundup


During its first month of life Audience was received very well and collected very good reviews. Here we publish our favorite ones, ordered by date.

Beautiful pixels wrote our first review, a very simple one, but we are very proud of it:

"In this simplicity, lies the beauty of this app (...). It’s that perfect solution for when you need to look at the numbers and ignore all the other clutter." —

Macography nailed it, Audience does one thing extremely well:

"I love simple apps. I love the way some developers manage to get rid of the clutter and give you an app that does one thing extremely well. To complete the package, they design a linear, spartan, beautiful interface around it. These are the apps that I usually end up using times and times again. There’s an app like that that gives you a minimalist view of your Google Analytics metrics. It’s called Audience." —

Audience is sexy, we love it:

"A nifty app that turns your Google Analytics data into a sexy visualization (…). The perfect app for dudes like me who are allergic to the Ex(c)el sheets." —

Since the early prototypes we designed Audience to be different from the average iPhone app:

"It feels like a Windows Phone 7 app, in all of the good ways, like nice typography and fluid transitions (…). Setting up Google Analytics is quick and painless, as is flipping between different views. It’s simple and fun to use." —

"Kind of refreshing in comparison to all of the other less designed options that are available." —

Enoda wrote a honest and complete review addressing both Audience’s strengths and weaknesses:

"There’s dozens of colour schemes to have, and it is a nice touch to ensure that you don’t get bored of the way the application looks (…). The app is very responsive and clean. There’s very little to fault about Audience, and the small asking price (...) is perfect." —

We are very happy with the overall response to Audience, and we thank all reviewers. Please post opinions, suggestions and tips in the comment section below, all are welcome.

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